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Personal Insurance

We lead busy lives and each year, the cost of our routine expenses continues to grow which is why it’s important to have insurance that covers your personal assets in the event of the things that are out of your control.

Home and Contents Insurance

Your home is one of your most important investments and the contents within, more often than not, hold sentimental value which is why it’s important to have adequate insurance that cover a broad range of events, replacing new for old.

Landlord Insurance

This insurance protects your investment property against the loss of rental income or damage caused by the tenants of the property. This can also cover events such as flood damage, fire or storms.

Residential Strata Insurance

Designed for owners of residential buildings that fall under a strata, group or body corporate (apartments, townhouses etc), this insurance covers you in the off chance that someone injures themselves on your premises as well as any accidental damage to the building or community use areas such as parking garages, swimming and BBQ areas.

Car Insurance

Don’t trust those around you to drive safely’ is another great reason to make sure your vehicle is insured. This insurance can cover you for collision, theft and malicious damage to your vehicle. Car insurance has many varying options, so make sure you have the right coverage to suit both you and your budget.

Boat Insurance

If you’re lucky enough to own a boat, then you need to protect it and yourself against accidents when it’s both in or out of the water. Offering a number of different options, Boat Insurance can begin with Basic Insurance, which covers legal costs in the event of death or injury to another person or if your boat causes damage or complete loss of their property through to Comprehensive Insurance which additionally covers you for the damage or complete loss of your own vessel.

Caravan and Trailer Insurance

Many of us have the weekend Caravan or Trailer as part of our weekend activities or everyday life which is why it’s important to have the right coverage. This insurance covers you in the event that the caravan or trailer is damaged or stolen either while you’re enjoying a road trip with family or if it’s just parked in your driveway at home.


Since the Floods in 2010, many people have found that their insurance coverage at the time of the event didn’t cover them as completely as they thought.