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Business Insurance

Designed to protect your business activity as well as the premises and all its contents from damage or loss, Business Insurance has been developed with the small to medium sized business in mind.

Cover options can include:

  • Fire and other Damage Insurance
  • Burglary Insurance
  • Business Interruption – Loss of income when your business cannot operation due to circumstances out of your control (i.e. fire, theft, impact or storm)
  • General Property Options – Protecting those little extras we all depend upon such as mobiles and laptops
  • Public and Product Liability Insurance.
  • Management Liability – This protects not only the company but yourself against the exposures & risks of running the company.
  • Directors & Officers Liabilities

Public Liability

A necessity for business dealing with clients in person , either within your office building or on their premises, Public Liability Insurance covers you in the event of someone being injured or their property being damaged.

Industrial Special Risk Insurance

The larger and more diverse the business, the better the option to combine individual policies into one. Industrial Special Risk Insurance is designed for those businesses with assets over $3 million and a number of different operating locations.

Trade Insurance

Trade Insurance combines public liability and business insurance policies with the addition of Tax Audit Insurance which covers your legal and accounting fees should you be audited.

Contract Works and Legal Liability Insurance is designed for businesses that own, run or manage ANY type of construction site. This policy can be a once-off for a specific project or an annual policy for multiple projects and sites across Australia.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor Vehicle Insurance covers:

Commercial – from small hatchbacks to trucks with a carrying capacity of up to 5 tonnes.
Fleet – medium to large businesses with 15 or more commercial vehicles.
Heavy Vehicle – heavy mobile machinery with a capacity of over 5 tonnes

Each of these options comes standard with both Comprehensive Cover and Legal Liability.

Not-For-Profit Organisations Insurance

Specifically designed for volunteer and community groups, Not-For-Profit Organisations Insurance covers public liability exposure for staff and/or volunteers who may be injured while helping, of if a member of the public is hurt during your event.

Farm Insurance

Developed to protect farmers against financial loss resulting in a major disruption to your business including machinery breakdown or loss of stock and feed.

Coverage options can also include:

  • Business Liability – covering personal injury and/or damage to property
  • Farm Property Insurance – Covering buildings and contents against damage or loss
  • Domestic Property – Home and Contents Insurance against major damage such as incurred by fire, theft or storm.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Designed for professionals who provide professional advice for a living such as Doctors, Engineers, Accountants etc. It protects you, your employees and business against any and all claims pertaining to alleged errors and omissions in the practice of your profession.

Management Liability

Covers you and your company against the risks of running the company. It's not only directors or officers of large public companies who may be exposed to personal liability. The legal costs to defend allegations of wrongful acts alone can be financially crippling for businesses and individuals. Without adequate protection you could risk losing, not only your business but also your personal wealth and lifestyle.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber attacks are quickly becoming one of the greatest risks faced by companies, making cyber liability insurance a must. It can help protect companies against the potentially crippling financial effects of a privacy breach or data loss. Most businesses do not realise that a standard property policy would not respond in the event that this data is damaged, lost or destroyed.